Features and Benefits

The Digital Well File™ is a Digital Well File™ Database that allows well and project data to be shared, managed, categorized and searched in an intuitive and logical manner. Managers, geoscientists and engineers can now view and download data through a simple and familiar web browser.

The Digital Well File™ís flexibility allows the sharing of data in environments that include:

  • Well operations
  • Seismic acquisition operations
  • Exploration planning
  • Geophysical site investigations
  • Field development including facilities engineering design
  • Contract tendering

Petrolinkís experienced teams of operations, system administration and infrastructure support staff provides a total service that is a whole lot more than a software solution.

Combined Folder and Listing View:

Key Features and Benefits of The Digital Well File™:

  • ::Data is organized in both a hierarchical folder structure and a listing view
    Easy to navigate
  • ::No restriction on the types of data loaded and stored in the database
    One place to find all types of data
  • ::Configurable access control and data flow methods
    Adaptable to each operatorís work flow requirements
  • ::Fully featured and extensive filtering and search capabilities
    Allows easy and quick access to an individual data record
  • ::E-mail notification functions
    Important information will not be overlooked
  • ::Customizable display preferences
    Display information the way you want
  • ::Group discussion and calendaring functions
    Allows better team communication
  • ::Functions through a web browser
    No installation issues or licensing costs
  • ::Easy to learn and easy to use
    Saves time and money
  • ::Files converted to PDF
    All data can viewed via a free Adobe Reader
  • ::Auto download to any network/hard drive location
    Saves time
  • ::Auto upload to The Digital Well File™
    Saves time

Search and Filter Capabilities:

Access Control:

Drag and Drop Attachment:

Folder Files Synchronization from Windows Explorer:

File Transfer Monitor:

The Digital Well File™
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