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Welcome to The Digital Well File™

Petrolink is the creator of the Oilfield Digital Well File™ for the Storage and Retrieval of all Wellsite Data such as Daily Reports and Contractor Data.

Wellsite Reports and Data Files need to be replicated from the Remote Location to the Operator Offices. Since 1990 Petrolink has provided Secure Data File Exchange mechanisms to the Oil and Gas Industry, and introduced the concept of the Digital Well File™ as a single Replicating Database in 2001. Petrolink developed a solution for the automatic transfer of all static data files at the same time using an innovative and single unique mechanism called "The Digital Well File™".

The Digital Well File™ is an oilfield data distribution service supported by Petrolink’s worldwide network of interactive secure web servers and 24/7 support centers. The Digital Well File™ is designed to deliver data securely across the Internet and corporate intranets by the use of database replication and to share information within a community of interest such as:

  • Different departments and disciplines within the operator’s own organization
  • Joint Venture Partners
  • Government Agencies
  • Service Companies and Contractors

The Digital Well File™ is a Digital Well File™ Database that allows well and project data to be shared, managed, categorized and searched in an intuitive and logical manner. Managers, geoscientists and engineers can now view and download data through a simple and familiar web browser. Access your reports securely on your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and other mobile devices.

In the first instance to contact The Digital Well File™, please email for Operations Support or for general marketing questions.

The Digital Well File™

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